5 Organic Foods to Strong Our Immune System

5 Organic Foods to Strong Our Immune System

Do you know why we put security system in our house? Yah you guess it right, because we want to be safe and secure in our house from the robbers and thieves. But have you ever thought about securing our bodies? And what can we do to secure our body from the many bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms in environment, waiting to invade in to our bodies. But don’t worry our God has gifted us with an amazing security system called immune system. But it needs attention to nourish by providing it some essential components or otherwise it will become weak to protect us. And as we all know, in this period of time we are facing a terrific situation, how many of our beloved ones leave us on the daily basis due to covid19 pandemic, and we all are struggling to protect ourselves from this deadly virus, which can’t cured by any vaccine and only vaccine which is developed now, are only available for few who can afford. So the only way to fight this covid19 is to strong our immune system.

But what can strong our immune? So there is no better thing which can boost and strength immune than organic foods and here I am going to mention top 5 Organic Foods to strong our immune system.


Lemons are an amazing agent to protect ourselves from infections, viral and bacterial attack because it has high amount of bio-flavonoid (great for killing cancer-causing free radicals) and also because they are rich in vitamin C (an antioxidant help to protect free-radical damage) a lemon is enough for your daily vitamin C requirement. The best way to have lemon in your daily dose is drinking lemon water.


Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant just like vitamin C. According to a research, the great factor for maintaining healthy immune system is vitamin E, and the food that is full of vitamin E is Almond.  They are also rich in fiber and protein. They are not just good for fight off invade bacteria and viruses but also helps in keeping heart healthy.


They are also known as garbanzo beans, rich in zinc which is an essential mineral plays vital role in the production of certain immune cells and boost immune system. Having a cup of chickpeas daily is advisable to keep immune system strong and healthy.


Papaya is another food which can provide high level of antioxidants, It is also good for curing heart disease. It provides full package of vitamins as it contain good amount of vitamin A, vitamin C and Vitamin E which makes it more eligible to be called immune system’s booster.


We all know that egg is a good source protein but have you ever heard that it provides omega-3 fatty acids, which is an essential fatty acid helps in suppression of inflammation, fighting against viruses and bacteria, and strengthening immune system.

So be a healthy person by strengthening your immune system.

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