Mr Bee Honey Farms has been established in the year 1994 with the technical assistance and support of Pak German Apiculture Promotion Project (GTZ) with the aim to upgrade and promote beekeeping in the country. The company is working under the leadership of Mr Naveed Ahmad Qureshi Managing Partner of the Company along with six other employees and several counterparts all over the country. In the year 1994 we started professional beekeeping on our own with only 30 bee hives and gradually increased them to 500 in 6 years time. Simultaneously worked in Gilgit with close cooperation of AKRSP and Pak-Swiss Project to identify bee flora and develop beekeeping in Gilgit and Chitral vallies. In Northern Areas basic beekeeping training was imparted to about 50 male participants from different areas of Gilgit Valley which proved unsuccessful as honeybees provided to beginner beekeepers were killed during winter season.Later groups of ladies initiated the beekeeping and with follow ups of refresher courses finally succeeded in establishing bee business.

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