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Organic Arugula/Taramira Seeds Bulk per 40 kg bag

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  • Highly Pure.
  • Unadulterated
  • Rich in Nutrition.
  • Hygienically packaging.
  • Machine Cleaning.

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  • Taramira Seeds are oil seeds
  • Mostly these seeds are used in cattle Feed.
  • As they are oil Seeds that’s why also used in hair oil
  • They are also used in Skin Care products.
  • Some properties Taramira seeds oil are very effective to save our eyes from ultraviolet rays.


Product Details

Product Type Seeds
Purity 99.9%
Brand Name Al Mahir
Product Name Taramira Seeds
Packaging Details Per Kg / Custom
Price 115 PKR / kg Get Latest Price
Cultivation Type Organic / Natural
Place of Origin Chakwal, Pakistan
Style Dried
Delivery Time Self-Pickup
Supply Ability Above 500 Maund (seer)
Port Karachi
Payment Cash Payments

Why AgriQuarTiles to Shop Online Taramira Seeds

Are you looking for seeds that are hard to find at local stores? We have got you covered. Agriquartiles is the finest online store where you can get the best quality seeds in Pakistan all at one place. Our store has everything that you can think of. We promise to deliver organic and natural products that come directly from the farms and are delivered to your homes. Our produce guarantees to bring you fresh and unprocessed seeds that are unparalleled when it comes to quality, taste and variety.

We are proud to announce that we have Taramira seeds in our online store. You can easily buy Taramira seeds in Pakistan, all thanks to our online store. Taramira seeds are great for skin and hair and it also helps in the treatment of diabetes. We supply a wide variety of Taramira Seeds that are harvested from our farm under the instructions of Organic Foods specialist. Thanks to our experts, we make sure that every produce is checked, balanced and quality controlled so that you get the finest and the freshest vegetables and spices for your family as Agriquartiles never compromises on quality and safety.

AgriQuarTiles is primarily engaged in the on-demand supply of Agriculture products like wheat, pearl millet, chickpeas, Taramira seeds, and many others. We have earned a renowned name as the good supplier of Agri Products in the National market of Pakistan. Our flawless and pure products of agriculture have no alternative. Our first and foremost mission is the customer satisfaction. In fact, we have reached the great height of success by providing the fairest and transparent deal to the customers. In the same time, we are striving for the top position in Pakistani market by establishing and maintaining the long-lasting relationship with our valued customers. we hope if you need of Taramira Seeds or any other Agri product in the small or bulk quantity you will not hesitate to contact us for a long and successful business relationship.

We feel pleasure to hear from you a review in term of comments below or in term of phone calls.

Note:  Supplies to the families and customers directly from our own Farms in (Bikhari Kallan) Chakwal.

1 review for Organic Arugula/Taramira Seeds Bulk per 40 kg bag

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    Hi sir I need Tara Mera in bulk. Please send me your contact number and rate. Thanks

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