Sarson (Mustard) ka Saag (Leaves) Receipe

Recipe Sarson

Sarson ka saag with desi ghee

2 Plates | 30 mins Perp | 50 mins Total


2 Bundle Uprooted Mustard plants

2 tbsp / desi ghee

2 tbsp / Red Chilli

1 piece / onion

1 tbsp / Coriander powder

1 tbsp / Garlic paste

1 tbsp / Ginger paste

Salt as needed


Take bundles of uprooted sarson and separate the roots, cut the leaves and stems in small pieces as shown in picture.

Wash with fresh water and put for boiling. In mean while cut onion by pealing the outer skin and making tiny slicies. Put some desi ghee and onions in pan over the oven. After onions become little brown add red chilli, garlic and ginger paste along with coriander powder. Add some salt as required for your taste. Once these masala (curry) is ready add the boiled sarson in it with leaves and stems. Stir for while so that all of it is mixed and taste is equal. Ready to serve with roti (makai/wheat etc.). Take some fresh water first then taste the saag with roti. Hope you have happy cooking.

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