How Organic Food Beneficial For Our Health Or Lets Start Taking Organic Food Today

Organic Egg

Organic Egg


You would have seen food in your local supermarket with an ‘organic ‘label, but what Do you understand by this label? If we talk about organic food there is one main point that every one of us surely knows the Organic food production isn’t allowed to use synthetic chemicals. But actually, there’s a lot more for you to know. Organic food can be beneficial for not only the people who consume it, but the environment, the farmers, and the animals themselves.

why organic food beneficial for our health:

So, let’s start talking about why organic food beneficial for our health, and the most important thing that makes you take it is “Your health”. Industrial food which we are taking in our daily life routine is sprayed with pesticides by many conventional farmers in order to keep bugs away from crops and protect from its damage. Pesticides use in largely well regulate in countries like Australia for the purpose of killing or disrupting the function of living organisms. But the major drawback of using pesticides on foods and crops that we shouldn’t ignore that is, some studies have shown links between pesticides and cancer, behavioral and reproductive health issues, and lower IQs in children.

And moreover, For the purpose of getting more milk to sell or to produce every season’s fruit and food, some of the Commercial farms and especially dairy farmers inject the animals, plants, and crops with both antibiotics and hormones. whereas, there is no use of hormones or antibiotics for future generations. or harmful chemicals in organic food production which also shows a plus point which is minimal soil, air, and water pollution and also ensures a safer and healthier world.

Research On Organic Food:

According to the research which is conducted at RMIT University that pesticide levels in humans were reduced by 90% after eating a mostly organic diet for just 7 days. The estimated report published by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says 90% of fungicides, 60% of herbicides, and 30% of insecticides used in commercial farming may contribute to the development of cancer in humans. So, it is essential for improving your health is to avoid these carcinogenic chemicals.

Healthy Ecosystem:

So, having fewer chemicals in your body is great, but there is also another important reason to add organic food in your life that is a healthy ecosystem. The systems used by a farmer designed to fit the cycles of nature and adapt to local conditions, culture, and scale. For the sake of a healthy environment and to protect it, all those resources which are used in organic production are minimized, reused, or recycled where possible and which is also beneficial for Animals, because it helps to keep their nature of living naturally. In Australia, organic standards dictate that a level of fairness be provided to the animal.

So, the only ground rule of protecting future generations, as well as the environment is to take care of the organic nature of life.

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